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Welcome! This is the home for research in Natural Language Generation at Edinburgh Napier University. What is that? We develop and research computer systems for generating text automatically.

A set of chesspieces discovered on the Isle of Lewis

Gaelic Conversations (2022-2023)

Our study collecting a new dataset of conversations in Scottish Gaelic finished in March 2023. You can read an early blogpost by the Gaelic Algorithmic Research Group advertising the study or an end-of-project summary on the Creative Informatics website.

We published a paper about this work at INLG 2023, where it received the Best Short Paper award:

David M. Howcroft, William Lamb, Anna Groundwater and Dimitra Gkatzia. 2023. "Building a dual dataset of text- and image-grounded conversations and summarisation in Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)". In Proc. of the 16th International Natural Language Generation Conference, pages 443‑448. Prague, Czechia. Association for Computational Linguistics.

The corpus of conversations and summaries, along with the background information provided to participants and the code for the server we used, are available on GitHub.

The grant funding the experiments came from Creative Informatics and was called "Scottish Gaelic Generation for Exhibitions" (SGGE). Dave & Dimitra were supported by EPSRC grant EP/T024917/1.